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Pam Bishop's talk on assessing networks at the RCN-UBE Summit

Pam Bishop of NIMBioS gave a talk on network assessment at the RCN-UBE Summit in Washington, DC, January 2016.  The slides in PDF form are attached.

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What Makes Networks Work

This is a Powerpoint presentation which motivated a panel discussion on "What Makes Networks Work?" at the RCN-UBE Summit at AAAS in January 2016.

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EREN contributions to biological science

A presentation given by Laurel Anderson on EREN (Ecological Research and Education Network) contributions to science, given at the RCN-UBE meeting in January 2016.

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RCN-UBE Summit Introduction Talk Christopher R Meyer

This short talk provides some brief history and perspective about networks, RCNs, and the RCN-UBE program. Notes from a report from the 2005 RCN awardees meeting (when the RCN program was similar in size to the current RCN-UBE) were shared in which the participants shared best practices and identified some elements of successful RCNs. Some information about the past and current RCN-UBE portfolio were shared and some representative past awards highlighted. The talk ends with a list of goals that calls for a vision for the future, recommendations for best practices (targeting all stakeholders), continuing networking and communication, and a report summarizing our conversations and ideas.

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From Susan

Here is the link to the report I referenced:

Also, here are some of the Kezar pubs that are in press where people might find more information (besides the report above): 

  • Kezar, A. & Gehrke, S. (in press).  Lasting STEM reform: Sustaining non-organizationally located communities of practice focused on STEM reform.  Journal of higher education.
  • Kezar, A. Gehrke, S., &  Bernstein, S.  (in press).  Designing for success in STEM communities of practice:  Philosophy and personal interactions.  Review of higher education.  
  • Gehrke, S. & Kezar, A. (in press).  The benefits of STEM reform through communities of transformation. Change.


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