Truly Open education requires social justice

Open Education is the radical idea that education should be affordable, accessible, equitable, inclusive, and relevant to everyone regardless of their background. An Open-Ed classroom centers the students as co-constructors of the learning environment and the learning process. We believe that Open-Ed practices can only achieve these goals if built upon a framework of social justice. This means to critically reflect on the areas where STEM education has not allowed all society’s members to access the STEM ecosystem and/or thrive within it when designing and implementing Open-Ed.

RIOS is fighting for educational justice in undergraduate STEM

We provide support and resources for STEM education and administrative leaders to bring S-JEDI-centered Open-Ed practices, including the pedagogy of Open science, to their organization. As part of this mission, we are:

Building a community of activists

RIOS brings together a community of leaders and practitioners that have expertise in areas of social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (S-JEDI) in STEM fields and beyond, and who aim to place these values at the center of open education. We provide opportunities to incubate and innovate new ideas, encourage each other, and share experiences of implementing change.

Supporting leaders

We assist education leaders as they develop, advocate for, and implement OE and S-JEDI practices in their organizations. RIOS runs workshops, working groups, and learning communities to develop and deepen the professional skills and strategies needed to enact change within STEM education. We also create and distribute resources for the community to use in advocating for Open-Ed and S-JEDI changes in their universities.

Catalyzing change

RIOS facilitates conversations and implementation of transformative changes in STEM by collecting, synthesizing, and distributing high quality resources. We synthesize the ideas, academic ideas, pedagogy strategies, and impacts of implementing inclusive and open practices into free and accessible summaries. We also directly promote the importance and value of Open-Ed and S-JEDI to decision makers within STEM departments.