Two Opportunities to Learn from RIOS Leadership this Summer!

We are excited to share these two upcoming events. We look forward to see you all there!

"Creating a Socially Just Open Education " @ Open Education Network Summit 2022

Dr. Jasmine Roberts-Crews, RIOS' Communication Fellow, will be addressing what a "socially just open education" means, why it is so important, and how we can begin to work towards that goal.

#OENSUMMIT22 runs from July 25-29th; Dr.…



Who is RIOS?

The Institute for a Racially Just, Inclusive, and Open STEM Education (RIOS Institute) is a virtual synthesis center led by a diverse set of individuals at the interface of open education, STEM post-secondary education, and leadership in social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (SJEDI).

Our Leadership Team consists of eleven personnel:

  • 3 visionary Fellows who set priorities for OER Cyberinfrastructure, Communications, and SJEDI
  • 2 Advisors who bring perspectives from students and libraries
  • 3 Directors that oversee administrative duties
  • 3 support staff who support communications, program, and administrative operations
  • an external project evaluator who assesses how well our institute aligns and supports SJEDI principles
Photo: Carrie Diaz Eaton

Carrie Diaz Eaton, PhD

any pronouns

Dr. Diaz Eaton is a mathematician, computational explorer, a discipline-based STEM education researcher, and co-founder of RIOS.

Photo: Karen Cangialosi

Karen Cangialosi, PhD


Dr. Cangialosi is the program director of OE Global’s CCCOER Regional Leaders of Open Education Network (RLOE), and co-founder of RIOS.

Photo: Kaitlin Bonner

Kaitlin Bonner, PhD


Dr. Bonner is an associate professor of biology at St. John Fisher College, and a HHMI BioInteractive Ambassador, with a focus on data-centric OER.

Photo: Bryan Dewsbury

Bryan Dewsbury, PhD


Dr. Dewsbury is an associate professor of biology at Florida International University, and the PI for the Science Education And Research program.

Photo: Krystie Wilfong

Krystie Wilfong


Krystie Wilfong is an associate college librarian at Bates College, where she works to increase awareness and adoption of open educational resources.

Photo: Sam Donovan

Sam Donovan, PhD


Dr. Donovan is the director of outreach and strategic engagement with the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium and the principal investigator for QUBES.

Photo: Osceola Heard

Student Advisor: Osceola Heard


Oscoela Heard is a student at Bates College, class of 2023, and the student advisor for RIOS.

Photo: Jackson Skinner

Project Coordinator: Jackson Skinner


Jackson is the grant manager for RIOS. He has a Masters in Public Policy & Management, and previously worked on equitable distribution of public services.

Photo: Jasmine Roberts-Crews

Communications Fellow: Jasmine Roberts-Crews


Jasmine is a renowned speaker and advocate for socially-just open education, and lecturer in the School of Communication at The Ohio State University.

Photo: Sebastian Alejandro Echeverri

Communications Manager: Sebastian Alejandro Echeverri, PhD


Dr. Echeverri is a spider scientist, educator, and freelance science communicator. He works to make science (and spiders) more accessible for everyone.

Photo: Robin Taylor

External Evaluator: Robin Taylor, PhD


Dr. Taylor is the principal and senior evaluator of RTRES Consulting. She has worked as a professional evaluator of STEM education since 2004.

Past Leadership

Photo: Tatiyana Garnes

Tatiyana Garnes


Tatiyana Garnes is a Bates alumna, and the grant manager & project coordinator of RIOS. She is passionate about making STEM actively anti-racist.

Photo: Maggie Diamond-Stanic

Dr. Maggie Diamond-Stanic


Dr. Diamond-Stanic is a biomedical researcher and the Grants Associate at Bates College. She was previously the project manager for SCORE and RIOS.