The SABER community is working with QUBES to explore different options for online collaboration and sharing of materials. 

Join the SABER Group

Please note, as you register, login, and join the group you may be taken to a new browser tab. Just remember to return to this tab and refresh the page if necessary. 

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SABER Special Interest Groups

We are thinking about ways to support the SABER SIGs using our new site. Please feel free to join the discussion here to share your ideas about how SIGs might be able to take advantage of the QUBES platform to stay in touch. You will need to be a group member to post to the discussion.

Questions, Comments, & Suggestions

There is a general discussion space where you can share your questions, comments and suggestions for how to make this new web site useful. You will need to be a group member to post to the discussion.

Learning How To Use This Site

We will be sharing information here about the QUBES infrastructure and how to learn your way around. 

Initial Suggestions: