As we begin to formalize and grow SABER, we need to ask the SABER community for volunteers to serve on teh following committees.  Please read through the duties of each committee and if you feel that you could contribute to this effort please send an e-mail to the contact person.

Thank you.

Web committee- We are recruiting 2-3 SABER members to be part of the Web Committee for at least a year.

Contact:Tessa Andrews ( or Michael Moore (

This committee is responsible for designing the new SABER website that is forthcoming and keeping the website up-to-date.

  • We are especially interested in SABERites with experience with web design and who feel comfortable learning a web platform.

  • Coding abilities are not necessary but could be helpful.


Diversity and Inclusion Committee-

Contact: Sara Brownell ( and Jeff Schinske (

We are recruiting 4-5 SABER members to join the Diversity and Inclusion committee.  This committee will broadly work toward ensuring that SABER more inclusive. Some of the tasks on which we anticipate collaborating include: conducting an inclusivity needs assessment for the society, developing a statement of diversity and inclusion for posting on the SABER website, investigating ways to broaden participation in the SABER national meeting, and collaborating with the abstract committee to develop review processes that promote the sharing of diverse perspectives during the meeting.


Invited speaker(s) for National Meeting-

Contact Jenny Knight (Jennifer.Knight@Colorado.EDU)

We are recruiting 2 SABER members to be part of the Invited speaker committee for the national meeting. Duties entail meeting twice early in the academic year to suggest and narrow down possible candidates, meeting again to select and invite speakers, and serving in a “host” capacity to the speaker if they are new to the SABER community and plan to stay for the meeting.


Annual meeting

Contact: Mary Pat Wenderoth (

We are recruiting 4 SABER members to be part of the annual meeting committee for the national meeting.  Duties will entail

  1. Ensuring next meeting dates are secured at the university and hotel (done for 2019)

  2. Planning meeting format (if any changes)

  3. Securing room and food for banquet (done for 2019)

  4. Getting money from textbook companies/others for refreshments

  5. Identifying and ordering lunches

  6. Putting together program once abstract committee has completed selections

  7. Sending out emails to SABER community to announce speaker, meeting logistics etc

  8. Identifying individuals to help with registration at meeting

  9. Match up registration payments and registration forms- notify people who have paid but not registered, registered but not paid, or had someone else pay for them

  10. Confirm that all speakers have registered prior to early bird deadline- send notices to those who have not registered

  11. Confirm that all round table presenters have registered send notices to those who have not registered

  12. Order all meeting material from office depot ( name tags

  13. Sending completed program files to printer- picking up printed material

  14. Collate meeting material ( agenda, participant list, poster list, roundtable list)

  15. Create file folder name tags

  16. Print receipts for each participant

  17. Print name tags for name badges

  18. Stuff name tags & red tickets

  19. Stuffing folders ( name tag for folder, name tag, multiple meeting files, receipt)

  20. Make SABER luggage tags

  21. Pack up boxes to send to meeting


Abstract Committee- Brian Sato

Committee from last year will serve one more year


Graduate and Post-Doc Committee-  

Contact: Michael Moore (