The Steering Committee (SC) will post updates of the activities they have been addressing. We hope this will provide transparency to the membership as well as keep the membership informed as to the progress the SC is making on formalizing the many activities required to take SABER to its next level.

The SC is composed of the following members who self-nominated and were selected to provide a diversity of academic ranks, institution types and geographic location. The SC has met weekly beginning in January 2018 and will continue weekly meetings till the necessary tasks are accomplished. Once Officers are officially elected and assume office in Sept 2019, the Steering Committee will be dissolved.

  • Tessa Andrews, Assist. Professor, University of Georgia
  • Sara Brownell, Assoc. Professor, Arizona State University
  • Jenny Knight, Assoc. Professor, University of Colorado- Boulder
  • Kelsey Metzger, Assist. Professor, University of Minnesota-Rochester
  • Michael Moore, Postdoctoral fellow, Baylor University
  • Brian Sato, Assoc. Teaching Professor, University of California-Irvine
  • Jeff Schinske, Professor, Foothill Community College
  • Mary Pat Wenderoth, Principal Lecturer, University of Washington

The SC has identified the following tasks:

  1. Find an Association Management System (AMS) that will help us to streamline membership and conference registration, facilitate networking, and provide a platform for our webpages.
  2. Create a procedure for running the first election,  create the policy for the nomination process, oversee the first electoral process.
  3. Annual Meeting: create procedures for selecting an invited speaker, set registration categories and fees, oversee abstract submissions and modifications to abstract submissions.
  4. Create committees to address the following priorities:
  • Diversity and equity
  • Website
  • Annual meeting
  • Membership
  • Marketing
  • Graduate and Post-Docs

UPDATE 8.31.2018

Bylaws have been posted on our new interim website, along with a survey to collect feedback from the membership.Comment period closes on September 14.

Association Management System (AMS): After extensive research on seven different AMS systems were compiled by Michael M and Tessa A, we have narrowed the AMS down to two companies: MemberClicks (MC) and Wild Apricot (WA). We are reaching out to organizations that use each service.  MC is more expensive but provides more help with set up, WA is cheaper and may be a better fit for our smaller organization but could require more work by SC.

Logo Contest: Deadline extended, membership reminded that logo must incorporate BOTH Biology and Education Research themes. Discussion about how to how to run the voting.  Could be two stage: post all entries and have run off of top 2 or 3.

Elections: Subcommittee has determined a timeline for the election process.  This will be posted on the web page as well as sent out to listserve. Details for the nomination process (materials to be submitted, qualifications for nomination, etc) are being discussed and will be posted on theweb page in the near future to collect feedback from the membership.

Committees: Each committee lead will generate a list of tasks their committee hopes to accomplish in next year and post this on the web page.  Members will then be asked to volunteer for any committee that interests them.