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Educating our Next Generation of Scientists: Open Educational Practices, Open Science and Social Justice Learning Community


Please join a 6-session Learning Community series led by Dr. Karen Cangialosi in which participants will engage in discussions, short readings and mini-workshops to explore basic tools for OEP.  This learning community is designed for project and organizational leaders who are working with instructors who develop and/or implement STEM curriculum as well as policy makers and funders who want to learn more about the connections between open science and open education.

The learning community will meet on Wednesday mornings 8:00 - 9:30 AM (Eastern) from April 7 - May 12.  


Readings, activities, and tools:

Week 1:  The open ecosystem: exploring key elements of OER, OEP, open pedagogy and open science

  1. Go to  Create a account and join the STEM Open Practices annotation group. works easiest on google chrome. Make sure that you read the ‘get started’ section and download the chrome extension. You can watch this 4 min youtube tutorial that Karen made (for her courses) if you like. The only difference in what she says in this video, is that we are going to annotate in our private, STEM Open Practices group, not the public group. 

  1. Annotate the Cronin reading (try to make at least one new annotation, and one reply to someone else, for practice).


Week 2:  Diving deeper into open licenses: How exactly do they work and how can they be leveraged to enhance students’ experiences in STEM?


Week 3:  Strategies for using open pedagogy in STEM courses:  Emphasizing a social justice framework


Week 4:  Trust and Power in the STEM classroom: A focus on student agency


Week 5:  Exploring the transformative potential of Open Science: Open Science for whom?


Week 6:  Practices for bringing inclusive Open Science into the STEM classroom and research lab



This learning community is funded by the Hewlett Foundation grant #2020-1363 to Bates College.