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  • Created 27 Oct 2020

Selected Modules

These are the selected modules for the SENCER Assessment Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN). During the Spring 2021 semester, participants will peruse, adapt, and implement elements from two of the following into their classrooms. These modules cover the range of assessment tools and strategies and we look forward to identifying new approaches! So please consider what may work and fit well in your course curriculum. Each module will feature experts and examples from existing SENCER courses and 

Diagnostic Assessment - What do your students know about the topic/concept/idea before and after your learning experience? We’ll show you how SENCER faculty are doing this in their courses

Formative Assessment - How can you measure learning in real-time so determine if your students are making gains to your outcomes. Successful strategies being employed by SENCER faculty will be demonstrated 

Summative Assessment - Did you reach your course learning outcomes? How can portfolios be used to demonstrate student strides in your classroom? What about better ways of examining learning? How do SENCER faculty integrate civic and scientific literacy into their exams? 

Alternative forms of Assessment - We will connect you to other, novel and exciting ways SENCER faculty are integrating assessment and teaching across the disciplines