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  • Created 28 Feb 2016

Agenda for SimBio Virtual Kick-Off

Online Meeting Location: We are using GoToMeeting (please use this login info for both Tuesday and Wednesday).

Link to join meeting  then enter Meeting ID: 155-897-461

Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.
Or, call in using your telephone. Dial +1 (224) 501-3312
    Access Code: 155-897-461
    Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Pre-Meeting Assignment

Download and install the Preview application (you should have received an email from SimBio with links to the app; please use the latest update even if you already have an older one).

Before Monday’s kickoff please go through the following two module sections:
Section 2: Ecological Biogeography in Biogeography chapter
Section 5: Ecosystem Services in Ecosystem Ecology chapter

You can find both of those chapters by clicking on SimUText Ecology on the left once you run the Preview application. Going through both sections should take you under an hour. You will be graded only on participation :)

Day 1: July 18, 1 - 3PM EST; 10AM - 12PM Pacific

1:00-1:20PM - Introductions

  • Introduction to the SimBio Faculty Mentoring Network
  • Participant introductions (who you are, where teaching, what class teaching this fall including size and level, hardest topic for students in that class) Also see the Introductions in the Forum.

1:20-2:35PM - SimUText activity based on homework readings

  • Localizing the theory of island biogeography
  • Small group activities and reporting out
  • 10 minute break built-in

2:35-2:50PM - QUBES Hub tips and tricks 

2:50-3:00PM - Homework

  • Tentatively identify two SimUText chapters that you will focus on adapting for your class and post to forum. Select from: Population Growth, Competition, Biogeography, Ecosystem Ecology, Community Dynamics, Behavioral Ecology. 
  • Post your information to the forum here.

Day 2: July 19, 1 - 3PM EST; 10AM - 12PM Pacific

1:00-1:15PM - Overview

1:15-1:40PM - Small group activity

  • Each group is tasked with sharing an interesting  activity or example from their class and the topics they find really difficult to teach. Pick one spokesperson to report back, focusing mostly on the activities the group discussed.

1:40-2:05PM - Report out

  • 10 minute break built-in

2:05-2:45PM - Localizing ecology

  • Sewage treatment plant example
  • Group discussion and brainstorming of how to localize classroom activities

2:45-2:50PM - QUBES Hub tips and tricks 

2:50-3:00PM - Homework

Day 3: July 20, 1 - 3PM EST; 10AM - 12PM Pacific

1:00-1:20PM - Overview

  • Introduction to long-term small groups; discuss the goal of action plans.

1:20-2:10PM - Small group activity

  • Discuss individual action plans, provide feedback, find space for potential collaborations
  • 10 minute break built-in

2:10-2:30PM - Group discussion

  • Designing successful active learning experiences

2:30-3:00PM - Next steps

  • Logistics for small groups
  • Introduce video-taping project
  • Set up next meeting and timeline