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Modeling Scenario


Author(s): William Mitchell

Macalaster College, St. Paul MN USA

Keywords: Management Of Data optimal control fisheries logistic harvesting maximum sustainable yield

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Resource Image We offer students a harvesting model for operating a fishery over a 25 year horizon and ask them to write a report on optimal harvesting policy with their analyses for fishing industry experts (not necessarily mathematicians).


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You have been hired to manage a fishery for the next twenty-five years. This means you have to choose the rate of harvesting of the fish. After carefully studying the previous behavior of the fishery, you write down a logistic growth model for the number of fish in the population at time t.

Your goal is to balance the desire to harvest lots of fish with the imperative to maintain a viable fish population for the future. One way to combine and mathematize these goals is to try to maximize an objective function.

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Author(s): William Mitchell

Macalaster College, St. Paul MN USA



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