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Modeling Scenario


Author(s): R. Corban Harwood

George Fox University

Keywords: algae population Mexico qualitative compartment linearization Jacobian lak nondimensionalization pplane

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Resource Image This modeling scenario investigates the massive algal blooms that struck Lake Chapala, Mexico, in 1994. A


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Article Context


After reading a summary of news articles on the incident, students create an ODE system model from a verbal description of the factors, visualize this system using an executable Java applet (PPLANE) to predict overall behavior, and then analyze the nonlinear system using the Jacobian matrix, eigenvalues, phase plane, and feasibility conditions on parameters to fully describe the system behavior. Students are expected to be familiar with systems of differential equations, equilibria, jacobian matrices, and eigenvalues. Students will learn modeling from qualitative descriptions, nondimensionalization, applying feasibility conditions to parameters, and how to use technology to interactively analyze a system of differential equations.

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Author(s): R. Corban Harwood

George Fox University



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