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Author(s): Barbara Zubik-Kowal

Keywords: concentration c chlorine numerical error swimming pool horine erreor

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Resource Image This project involves the dynamics of chlorine concentration during regular swimming pool maintenance cycles. Students will have the opportunity to use both analytic and numerical methods.


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On the analytical side, students will solve one of the model equations, describing the first stage of a two-stage mixing process, by separating variables, and the other by applying the method of integrating factors. On the numerical side, students will apply Euler's method to solve the model equations numerically, with the opportunity to examine numerical errors for various step sizes, while comparing results to the previously obtained exact solutions.

The concentration of chemical agents in pool water is regulated by health and safety standards to ensure safe use of recreational facilities.

Chlorine is one of the most common disinfectants added to pool water in order to suppress the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. This project is concerned with the concentration of chlorine in a mid-sized swimming pool during a regular maintenance cycle.

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Author(s): Barbara Zubik-Kowal



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