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  • Created 14 Oct 2015

The Summer Workshop is a unique experience most commonly referred to as "exhausting but invigorating!"  The workshop launches with a series of hands on sessions about resources, tools, and pedagogical methods.  Throughout the week, speakers share exciting ideas and information, and participants have time to work with colleagues to develop their own materials.  Time is also dedicated to sharing ideas with the larger group to get feedback and new ideas.  Workshop activities run from 8:30am to late in the evening. Participants leave with new resources, tools and colleagues.  This year's event will start online prior to the workshop, and groups will have the opportunity to continue to work together in the QUBES space after the workshop.  

Get a sense of what happens are a summer workshop from these previous years websites:
Summer 2015, Harvey Mudd College
Summer 2014, University of Delaware

Schedule is subject to change, check back often to stay up to date!

Sunday June 19 - Welcome and registration

12:00pm Registration opens, Jordan Hall

3:30pm Welcome, introductions and poster session

5:30pm Shuttle to Lonnie Poole Club House

6:00pm Dinner at the Poole Club House

7:00pm Keynote Speaker Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Arizona State University

9:00pm return to Jordan Hall



Monday June 20 - Getting the resources, thinking about your classroom

8:30am Coffee
9:00am Talitha Washington, Howard [Download Talk PDF]

Jordan Addition 1218

10:00am Break

10:15am Resource Sessions Round 1

12:15pm Lunch

Jordan Addition 1214

1:30pm Resource Sessions Round 2

3:30pm Break

4:00pm The Summer Workshop experience

5:00pm Dinner 

Jordan Addition Rm 1214

6:30pm Resource Sessions Round 3

8:30pm Project 1: Problem Posing and Group Formation 



Tuesday June 21 - A day for scientific exploration
8:30am Coffee

9:00am Robert Mayes, Georgia Southern [Download Talk PDF]

Jordan Addition 1216

10:00am Project 1: Research as Creative Play 

Jordan Addition 1216

10:30am Project 1: Problem Solving Time

12:00pm Lunch

Jordan Addition 1214

1:00pm Project 1: Problem Solving Time

3:30pm Ben Wu, Texas A&M [More information on this talk] [Download Talk PDF]

Jordan Addition 1216

5:00pm Dinner 

Jordan Hall Patio

6:30pm Project 1: Peer Persuasion

Jordan Hall Lobby



Wednesday June 22 - Moving to the classroom

8:30am Coffee

9:00am Ahrash Bissell, Monterey Institute for Technology and Education [Resources discussed in this talk]

Jordan Addition 1216

10:00 Project 2: What would you like to develop for your classroom?

Jordan Addition 1216

10:30am Project 2: Group work time

12:00pm Lunch

Jordan Addition 1214

1:00pm Project 2: Group work time/Check in with BioQUEST staff

3:00pm Holly Gaff, Old Dominion

Jordan Addition 1216

4:30pm Break  - travel to Hunt Library for special tour

5:00pm Blaire Steinwand, University of North Carolina

Jordan Addition 1216


Private tour of Hunt Library - award winning facility

Meet at Jordan Addition 1214

This tour is limited to fifty participants.  For more information and to sign up go to this site:

6:00pm Dinner on your own

(BioQUEST Board Meeting)

7:00pm Work space available in Jordan Addition

10:00pm Doors Lock


Thursday June 23 - Developing your evidence based, classroom activity and implementation plan

8:30am Coffee

9:00am David McConnell, NCSU [Download Talk PDF]

Jordan Addition 1216

10:30am Project 2: Group work time

12:00pm Lunch

Jordan Addition 1214

12:45pm Meet in lobby of Jordan Addition (in front of Bio Cafe, 1214)  to walk over to Cox Hall

1:00pm Colleen Countryman, NCSU
105 Cox Hall

2:30pm Group work time

Jordan Addition

5:00pm Dinner

6:30pm Celebrating 30 years of BioQUEST


Friday June 24 - Final Presentations

8:30am Coffee

9:00am Presentation of Projects

11:30am Wrap up and feedback survey

12:00pm Conclusion (Box lunches available)