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Schyler Update!

  1. Kiersten Newtoff

    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to let you know that Schyler and I went to New York this past weekend for Schyler's testing to see if he will continue with guide dog training. I am super happy to announce that he passed with flying colors! He is officially in training and will hopefully be placed with a user in February.

    Although I was sad, I was also incredibly proud! I also immediately started raising another dog who was a rehome like Schyler. His name is Neville, he is a black lab male, and he is 6 months. He may be graduated by time next year's BioQuest, but we will see.

    Take care!

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  2. Kristin Jenkins

    Congratulations, Kiersten, and thanks for all your work with Schyler!

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  3. Melissa Haswell

    This is great news!  Congratulations!

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  4. Susan Meiers

    Way to go, Kiersten!  They're darn lucky to have you mentoring their pups!  Congrats!


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  5. Andrew Osborne Hasley

    I just now saw this. That's so exciting!! I'm not at all surprised! He's a fantastic dog and had a fantastic raiser. They are indeed lucky to have you.  

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  6. Willysha Jenkins

    Great work!! So proud of the both of you!

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