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The application deadline was June 15, applications are no longer being accepted. 

Submit a Proposal for Posters and Beyond

Deadline: July 10

Cost of the Institute and Payment

Registration for the full BIOME Institute program includes the Summer Launch (2 weeks) and Fall Working Groups (11 weeks ).  Registration cover the costs of the technical staff, facilitators, and speakers involved in making the community successful as well as technical services supporting access to the materials.  The full registration cost for this program is $1,200, however this is a pilot program, and as such, substantial scholarships are available through QUBES.  Request scholarship support in the application to reduce individual contributions to $75.  Team rates are also available.

Registration with Scholarship

Individual registration with QUBES Scholarship: $75
Team registration with QUBES Scholarship (3-5 people): $200

All team members must submit an individual application. 

Full Registration

Full individual registration without scholarship: $1,200
Team registration without scholarship: $3,200

All team members must submit an individual application. 

We do not want the the cost of the BIOME Institute to be a barrier to anyone's participation. If the registration fee after the QUBES scholarship poses a barrier for you, please contact Kristin Jenkins (Kristin "dot" Jenkins "at" bioquest "dot" org). 
Payment may be made online through PayPal, or by check.  There is a 3.1% processing charge for credit cards. Checks should be made out to BioQUEST, and mailed to:

POBox 126
Boyds, MD 20841

If you need a W-9, please contact Ginger White (Ginger "dot" White "at" bioquest "dot" org)

Present your work

There will be several opportunities to share what you have been working on and learn more about your colleagues' projects in virtual sharing sessions.  In "Posters & Beyond," we invite you to share about models that demonstrate the variety of undergraduate research experiences at different institution types, useful educational resources, and programs that support UREs. Please submit a proposal to share about your work in any format that works for you. You can choose to share your work as a poster but that is not required. We also suggest short video overviews, including links to websites and samples of resources.  We are happy to work with you to make your information available.  

Please note that in submitting a proposal and materials to share you are agreeing to post your materials as Open Educational Resources on QUBES. This will give your materials a citation, stable URL, DOI, metrics on views and downloads, and the option to version and adapt those materials. Learn more about the QUBES Resource Collection here. If you would prefer to not post your materials, please contact Hayley Orndorf (hco1 "at" pitt "dot" edu).

Submit a Proposal for Posters and Beyond

What information was required for the application?

We request basic contact information about the applicant and the applicant's institution.  We encourage teams from single institutions or partner institutions to apply.  If you are applying as part of a team, please provide the names of the other team members. In addition to basic contact and background information, applicants are asked to provide short answers to questions about Undergraduate Research Experiences (UREs). All application questions are listed below:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Institution or Organizational affiliation
  4. Department
  5. Disciplinary area(s) of focus
  6. Position / Title
  7. Institution type
  8. Years teaching experience
  9. Have you participated in QUBES or BioQUEST professional development events previously?
  10. Team member info, if applicable
  11. How could a URE support your departmental goals or institutional mission? Please limit response to 200 words. 
    1. Or, how does an existing URE support your departmental goals or institutional mission?
  12. Describe how a could URE fit into your departmental curriculum and how you could be involved. 
    1. Or, how does an existing URE fit into your departmental curriculum, and what is your involvement?
  13. Which of these URE-related topics interest you?
    1. Educational resources for UREs
    2. Financing for UREs
    3. Inclusivity and accessibility
    4. Mentoring
    5. Models for UREs
    6. Other
  14. We are committed to increasing the accessibility of programming for all participants. Please let us know if there are specific accommodations that would increase your ability to fully participate
  15. Would you like to apply for QUBES participant support funds?