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  • Created 06 Jan 2021

The BIOME Institute is designed to bring together a supportive community of people sharing similar goals and challenges in participant-centric professional development. Participants will share resources, ideas, and advice based on their own experiences, and provide each other with feedback on materials or plans. Your contributions are critical to the success of this experience.

We invite you to share about educational resources, projects, and programs that demonstrate ways to support students in building scientific worldviews. Materials can expand upon the BIOME subthemes of inclusive teaching practices, interdisciplinarity, and communicating science or any other topics that address supporting students in constructing their own scientific view of the world. Proposals are due June 18, 2021.

Submit a proposal

There are several ways for you to share about your project during Workshop Week (July 26-30) and we invite you to choose the level of participation that will work best for your goals and schedule. The participation options are summarized in the table with more information available below. Learn more about the schedule. 

Ways to share your work

Asynchronous Commitment Synchronous Commitment

Develop WIP

Community Hour (1 hour)
Posters & Beyond Develop material to share, post as QUBES resource, monitor comments  and discussions. Community Hour (1 hour)
Interactive Workshop

Develop workshop outline, share with workshop organizers, develop pre-session assignment.

Monitor discussion forums during Summer Session.

Attend presenter info session (1 hour)

Present during Workshop Week (90 minutes)


What's a WIP?

Work-in-Progress Sessions (WIPs) are an opportunity to share early drafts of ideas and resources with colleagues for feedback. This concept is an adaptation of the Life Discovery Share Fair. Here's an example from the 2019 Summer Workshop on using Jupyter Notebooks

How will WIP materials be shared?

WIP materials can be shared in several ways. You can choose to share your material publicly, publish it as an OER (and potentially version it later), or share it to a private collection, accessible only to BIOME Institute participants. 

When will WIP Sessions happen?

WIP Sessions will be held during Community Hours during Workshop Week. Learn more about Community Hours. 

Submit a WIP proposal

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Posters & Beyond

What does "Posters & Beyond" mean?

Posters & Beyond Sessions are an opportunity to share more finalized resources and invitations to collaborate. You can choose to share your work as a traditional poster or  go "beyond" by including short video overviews, links to websites, and samples of resources. Here's an  example from the 2020 BIOME Institute on the Ciliate Genomics Consortium. 

How will Posters & Beyond materials be shared?

All posters must be shared as QUBES resources, which are publicly accessible open educational resources. This will give your materials a Creative Commons license, citation, stable URL, DOI, metrics on views and downloads, and the option to version and adapt those materials.

When will Posters & Beyond sessions happen?

Posters will be available for participants to visit asynchronously and we will ask poster presenters to attend specific time slots of Community Hours during Workshop Week. Learn more about Community Hours.

Submit a Posters & Beyond proposal

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Interactive Workshop

What does "Interactive Workshop" mean?

Interactive workshops are an opportunity to engage participants with your project during Workshop Week. Workshops must be interactive, hands-on experiences that engage participants in activities. Workshops should address the central theme, building scientific worldviews, or at least one of the subthemes (inclusive teaching, interdisciplinarity, or communicating science). A pre-workshop activity should also be provided for participants to complete before attending. Here's an example from the 2020 BIOME Institute on Avida-ED.

Workshops are not intended to be a 90-minute traditional presentation. Workshop staff are happy to work with you to ensure your workshop plan is appropriate for the BIOME audience. 

How will workshop materials be shared?

As publicly as you wish. Materials can be restricted to BIOME participants only or posted as QUBES resources (OER). Different components of the workshop can also have different access levels. We do encourage you to be as open as possible. 

When will workshops happen? 

All workshops will have a scheduled 90-minute time slot during workshop week. Workshops will also be recorded for participants to review who could not attend synchronously.

Submit an Interactive Workshop proposal

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