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Apply Now!

Early bird application deadline: April 19

Regular application deadline: May 31

Cost and Payment

Registration for the full 2024 BIOME program includes the Summer Session (1 week) and Fall Working Groups (about 11 weeks).  Registration covers the costs of the technical staff, facilitators, and speakers involved in making the community successful as well as technical services supporting access to the materials. 

Registration with BioQUEST Scholarship

Early Bird Registration with BioQUEST Scholarship: $400

Regular Registration with BioQUEST Scholarship: $500

Full Registration

Early Bird Regular Registration: $1,000

Full Regular Registration: $1,100

We do not want the cost of the BIOME Institute to be a barrier to anyone's participation. If the registration fee after the BioQUEST scholarship poses a barrier for you, please contact Sarah Prescott (Sarah "dot" Prescott "at" bioquest "dot" org).

What is required for the application?

We request basic contact information about the applicant and the applicant's institution.  We encourage teams from single institutions or partner institutions to apply. Team participation is just as flexible as individual participation; teams have the option of joining the same Fall Working Groups and collaborating on institutional projects, but are not required to. We do encourage teams to branch out during the Summer Session and connect with new colleagues. If you are applying as a team, each team member should complete an individual application. 

In addition to basic contact and background information, applicants are asked to provide short answers to questions on building scientific worldviews. All application questions are listed below:

General Information

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Institution or Organizational affiliation
  4. Department
  5. Disciplinary area(s) of focus
  6. Position / Title
  7. Institution type
  8. Years of teaching experience
  9. Have you participated in BioQUEST professional development events in the past?
  10. If you are applying as a team (institutional, etc) or project (QB@CC, HITS, etc), please indicate that here. All team and project members must complete an individual application.
  11. How did you learn about the BIOME Institute?

Beyond the Content for STEM Education

Beyond the Content is a revolutionary approach, where education is no longer confined to traditional disciplinary boundaries; instead, it's a dynamic preparation for the challenges of tomorrow. Step into a future where teaching and learning is an evolving force, shaping students for addressing real world challenges. Beyond the Content emphasizes the cultivation of essential, portable skills to apply outside of the classroom like digital and data literacy, problem-solving, and adaptability. Join a community of educators boldly revolutionizing education, fostering inclusivity, and promoting diversity. Delve into wicked problems such as climate change, pandemics, artificial intelligence, water quality, food security, and health disparities, using them as catalysts for engaging students. Explore innovative pedagogical approaches and embrace interdisciplinary thinking, quantitative reasoning, and data-centric teaching. Together we will build student capacity to solve problems and strengthen hope for the world in future generations. 

  • How do you currently, or how are you planning to, incorporate teaching practices that expand beyond the content within your community? Or what are you interested in learning more about on these topics?

BioQUEST Scholarship Support

  • Opt out of BioQUEST scholarship support?
    • Thanks to diligent work by our support staff, we are fortunate to have participant support funds, which allow us to offer a discount towards the cost of registration for all accepted applicants. If you have the funding to cover the cost of registration and wish to opt out of this discount, just let us know by checking the box below. We appreciate your generosity and will use the funds to support additional participants.