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  • Created 11 Nov 2021

Applying Universal Design for Learning Principles to Existing Cases, Curricular Materials, Syllabi
Continuation of Faculty Mentoring Network and Fall Working Group

Continuing into Fall 2022




We invite any  BIOME 2022 member and any of our Spring 2022 FMN members to join up for this fall.

We will discuss UDL principles, consider applying inclusive mapping to the case and do a mapping activity & pinch point activity with the case you're revising (Tobin & Behling, 2018).

We hope to have also a Guide to identifying the nature of your students and what revisions might be first priority.


Dates & Location:

The virtual kick-off will be held in Sept 16. at 3 pm eastern time. We will meet every other week this fall.

Commitment and Benefits of Participation:

Participants should commit to:

  • Identifying a case  or curricular maaterial to redesign
  • Participating in the full Working Group through the Fall 2022 semester, including a 1 hour biweekly meeting
  • Adapt an existing case module or other material using UDL and pilot or plan to pilot in your class


  • Access to UDL principle materials
  • Online support throughout the process of implementing new materials in your course.  Access to peer mentors on lecture/classroom/lab effective tips and strategies in small group virtual meetings every two weeks
  • Completion letter recognizing your work upon completion of all network requirements


If you have questions, please feel free to contact Pat Marsteller at pmars@emory.edu.


Tobin, T. J., & Behling, K. T. (2018). Reach everyone, teach everyone: Universal design for learning in higher education. West Virginia University Press.