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  • Created 20 Nov 2020


Session 1 (AM): Course Introduction and Introduction to the Command Line

  • Resources
  • Instructor & class introductions (20 mins)
  • Introduction to Linux/Unix command line - how to do everything you would do with your mouse, but faster!
  • Remote access basics (10 mins) (slides): accessing remote machines via the ssh command
    • Lecture (10 mins) (slides)
  • Navigating files and directories: using the command line to find out where you are and to navigate to where you would like to go.
    • Lecture (~40 mins) (slides, video [~28 mins with no stops])
  • Coffee break (10:30-10:45)
  • Navigation Exercises:
    • Castle assassin game (practice with finding files)
    • Go over software carpentry exercises for understanding file paths (see github exercises page for more direction)
  • Working with files and directories: seeing, copying, and moving your files.

Session 2 (PM): Lab

  • Copying files between computers
    • Lecture / Demo (~10 mins) (slides)
  • File Copying Exercise
    • Copy a file from your computer to your virtual machine (see github exercises page)
  • How to install files on your computer (aptitude - aka apt - repository).
    • Lecture (10 mins) (slides)
    • New program demo: cowsay
    • New program demo: rename
  • man command review
  • Program installation exercise
    • Find a fun command-line program!  (see github exercises page)
software carpentry exercises for manipulating files

Session 3 (Evening): Panel Discussion

Please join us for a panel discussion entitled "Normalizing Failure".