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  • Created 20 Nov 2020

Day 4: Git, Github, Python environments, and introducing final projects

Session 1: Git and Github

  • Slides for git and GitHub.

  • Optional video [9:29] about basic git workflow.

  • Optional video [11:58] about fixing mistakes. 

  • Optional video on working with Github

  • Git cheat sheet


Session 2: Setting up Anaconda environments

  • Intro to practical use of python (slides, video (mac) video (windows))
  • Demo running jupyter
  • Commands for the day are here
  • Basics of setting up python in a remote environment. 
    • Watch video [9:37] explaining python environments and the problems they solve
    • Watch video [7:20] walking you through creation of a python environment.
    • Here is a list of the commands called in the demo above.
  • Sample repository we will be working with for the next demo.



Guest Lecture 3-4 PM

We will be speaking with Wilma Bainbridge, PhD.


Session 3: Face Detection Lab

During this exercise, Ben Balas, PhD will help us run face detection code. 

To get started use this link for instructions

To access files for this exercise, use this link