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NASA 2017 Hurricanes and Aerosols Simulation

2017 Hurricanes and Aerosols Simulation

Released on November 13, 2017

Tracking aerosols over land and water from August 1 to November 1, 2017. Hurricanes and tropical storms are obvious from the large amounts of sea salt particles caught up in their swirling winds. The dust blowing off the Sahara, however, gets caught by water droplets and is rained out of the storm system.Smoke from the massive fires in the Pacific Northwest region of North America are blown across the Atlantic to the UK and Europe.

This visualization is a result of combining NASA satellite data with sophisticated mathematical models that describe the underlying physical processes.

Music: Elapsing Time by Christian Telford [ASCAP], Robert Anthony Navarro [ASCAP]

Video downloads available with and without narration AND in several video formats.

Complete transcript available.

Watch this video on the NASA Goddard YouTube channel.

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Hurricane Visualizations and Interactive Simulations

Hurricane Visualizations of 2017 season from NASA and Interactive Hurricane Simulations 

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