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    University of Pittsburgh

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    I'm in my third year of a Ph.D program in the Brodsky Lab here at Pitt.  My adviser, Dr. Jeffrey Brodsky, co-discovered a process called endoplasmic reticulum associated degradation (ERAD), which is how a eukaryotic cell moves damaged proteins from the ER into the cytoplasm where they can be safely disposed of.  My project involves using yeast genetics to discover which pathways and factors are involved in the degradation of a renal ion channel protein that is responsible for maintaining healthy levels of potassium in your bloodstream.  

    I received my undergraduate education at a small liberal arts college in central Pennsylvania and I hope to apply many of the lessons I learned there about effective undergraduate science education to my own career.  I also spent two years working the biotechnology industry, which places a high premium on learning by doing.

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