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    Rocky Mountain College

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    I am a geoscience DBER with an interest in assessment.  I have recently designed and implemented CUREs for an introductory and upper-division class that I teach, but I would like to consider designing another for use as a capstone experience and program assessment.  However, my interest in UREs goes beyond the typical disciplinary boundaries.  I am serving in a 2-year position as the division chair for the Math and Sciences and on the assessment committee at my institution.  These roles allow me to interact with my peers across STEM disciplines and think about how CUREs could be used to assess both core curriculum and program student learning outcomes at our college.  Outside of my institution, I currently work as an external evaluator on a couple of place-based NSF-funded projects, am a partner in the Undergraduate Field Experiences Research Network (UFERN), and have a deep interest in broadening participation in the geosciences.

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