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    Cindy O’Malley Introduction

    I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist who is passionate about teaching haematology. I teach both undergraduate and postgraduate students haematology. These students will become the medical laboratory scientists of the future and I am trying to prepare them for labs of the 21st century (and I have no idea what they will look like in 20 years!) My aim is to teach them to think like scientists and give them the tools to be able to cope with the ever faster rate of change in diagnostic laboratories. I am also the Program Manager for the postgraduate program, Master of Laboratory Medicine.
    I have enrolled in this course because I am pretty confident of interpretation of scientific data, but I am not so sure about setting up and interpreting some pedagogical studies. So I am hoping this course will help me to better structure my research and also to help me determine better ways to answer the pedagogical research questions.
    Outside of the classroom I enjoy camping, dining and spending time with friends. I have just bought a new house in the country that is not connected to electricity (has solar panels and a generator) and exists on tank water. This will be a totally new experience for me and a new challenge – especially in winter that is just starting in Australia! The last book I read was, “The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks” a book by Rebecca Skloot. It chronicled the suffering of the family of Henrietta Lacks who provided (unknowingly and with no informed consent) the cervical cells which were the first cell line ever produced. It was certainly an eye opener and I was thinking as I read it that it could never happen today… but the epilogue suggests differently.
    I really look forward to meeting you all in July!

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