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    Alma College

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    address1:614 W SUPERIOR ST

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    I am an Assistant Professor at Alma College in the Biology department. I have a PhD from Michigan State University in Forestry and in Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology. I currently teach Intro to Botany, Forest Vegetation, Forest Ecology, and Field Investigations in Tropical Rainforest Ecology. My research focuses on plant-soil feedbacks as a mechanism for shaping community composition, structure and productivity of temperate and tropical forests. In particular, I am interested in feedbacks between plants and their soil community (both damping-off and mycorrhizal fungi as well as abiotic mediated feedbacks) and the impact that these feedbacks can have on maintenance of tree species diversity as well as native species shifting range boundaries due to climate change. I also investigate how abiotic factors (e.g. climate, light, soil fertility or moisture) can impact the occurrence or strength of these feedbacks. 

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