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Initial explorations in developing and using molecular case studies (see Molecular CaseNet) showed that students in intro courses (and some educators) may benefit from some tutorials and exercises to create a good foundation for using the molecular case studies.

This working group will focus on identifying the gaps and developing the tutorials and exercises. Both student and teacher needs will be assessed as well as community defined learning objectives.

Some broad areas that will be explored include

  • How to navigate through the PDB website?
  • What is being offered on the PDB web pages?
  • How to visualize molecular structures of biological molecules?
  • Which non-covalent interactions play key roles in biology? How to identify them and what do they mean?

These Intro tutorials will be developed through the Biome institute and may be tested on small groups of intro students as opportunities present themselves in Fall 2020. They will be more systematically tested in Spring 2020. 

Have questions, interest, ideas, suggestions? Write to Shuchismita Dutta (Shuchi) at Thanks.

Facilitated by  Shuchi Dutta