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Initial explorations in developing and using molecular case studies (see Molecular CaseNet) showed that engaging students in developing molecular case studies may have an impact on their learning and depth of disciplinary concepts. The idea came up when a few faculty were looking for a way to engage their Senior students in meaningful learning in lieu of labs (during Spring 2020). Some very interesting observations about student learning and attitude prompted us to take a closer look at this.

  • Can case writing in fact help students learn better? 
  • How well do students read research papers when they have to ask questions that others will answer vs when they have to answer questions?

This working group will focus on developing guidelines for students to write molecular case studies. These guideline will be tested with some groups of students in Fall 2020. Discussions will also focus on developing ways to figure out how to assess impact of case writing on student (and educator) learning.

All materials developed in the Biome Institute will be systematically tested in Spring 2020. 

Have questions, interest, ideas, suggestions? Write to Shuchismita Dutta (Shuchi) at Thanks.


Facilitated by Shuchi Dutta