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How do I submit a resource?

Submitting a Resource

QUBES Users submit a resource to share with a particular group or with the Hub. Resources can be material you created or collected yourself, or a resource you have found elsewhere and would like to share. Accurate submission of resources is vital to correct categorization and efficient sharing and searching of materials.

Click on "Resources" and choose "Submit a Resource"

  • Choosing the Resource Type

    • Data

    • Models

    • Teaching & Reference Material

    • Software (Off-site)

    • Software (On-site)

    • Descriptions are provided on the QUBES site.


  • About

    • Title: Provide a descriptive, yet brief title of the resource.  The site currently cuts off long titles in the list of resources, so try to include the most informative parts first (for example, instead of “Laboratory 1: Lotka-Volterra”, use “Lotka-Volterra (Laboratory 1)” )

    • Abstract: The abstract is a brief overview of the material.

      • If the resource is not yours, but is from another source, it is acceptable to quote the abstract or description originally provided, always citing the source.

      • You have the option to upload a screenshot of the material or other images that would aid in description.Click “Choose file” and then click “Upload.” See the image below:

  • Details

    • External Link Required: If the resource is not an uploadable file that you can enter directly into QUBES, check Yes for this section.

    • Depending on the type of resource being submitted, you may be prompted to choose a Primary and Secondary “Type.”

    • Citations: Provide the citation for the resource, either your own citation or the citation provided by the owners/creators of the material.


  • Group: if you are uploading the resource to a particular group, choose it here. This is not a requirement.

  • Access Level: Choose the level of visibility you wish the resource to have. There are three options, Public, Protected, and Private, with descriptions provided. Public is typically the recommended setting to ensure maximum sharing with other Hub users.

  • Authors: Enter names of authors and choose “Author” in the Role box. Click Add and then add the authors’ institutions below their names. Click Save Changes! If you do not save, the institutions will not appear.

    • You are automatically listed as an author with your given institution. If you are not an author, you can change your Role to Submitter by clicking the drop down menu next to your name. Again, be sure to save changes!

    • Always enter yourself as Submitter. If you are also an Author, enter yourself twice as both. See the image below:




  • Add any relevant tags (descriptors) that would help users find your resource. If you begin to type a tag, and a version of it appears as a suggestion, choose that version instead of creating a new, yet identical tag.


  • Review

    • Authorization: Check the box indicating that you have authority to submit the resource. This is indicating that the information you have provided is correct and you have authority to do so.

    • License: Choose the appropriate license for the resource.

    • Submit the Contribution. The resource will be reviewed to ensure that all areas are accurate and it will then appear as a QUBES resource.

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