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Math for everyone?

Andrew Hacker has a new book out, "The Math Myth And Other STEM Delusions" which is provoking conversation.  His argument is that the basic goal for math education should be quantitative literacy (or numeracy) rather than more formal mastery of algebra and beyond.  The National Numeracy Network has been working on the issues around basic numeracy, also known as quantitative literacy, or quantitative reasoning.  How do these ideas fit into our expectations for the general course of study for mathematics? How are basic quantitative literacy and quantitative skills for STEM related and can we use these skill sets to reinforce one another?

Here are some of the discussions around this book:

The Wrong Way to Teach Math
Andrew Hacker, NYT Feb 27, 2016
Let's Stop Requiring Advanced Math, A New Book Argues
Anya Kamenetz, NPR Mar 2, 2016

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