Do you have teaching materials that use data from natural history collections?

Publish teaching modules that use collections-based data with BLUE!

Biodiversity Literacy in Undergraduate Education (BLUE) has partnered with QUBES to disseminate and track the usage of educational modules that feature collections data. Publishing your materials through BLUE allows you to get credit for the materials you have developed while also sharing them with the broader education community. Consider posting your module as an Open Educational Resource alongside other biodiversity data modules on the BLUE group page on QUBES.

Sharing your teaching material as an Open Educational Resource has several advantages:

  • Tracking and finding your resource with a digital object identifier (DOI)
  • Measuring the use of your resource including views, downloads, and adaptations
  • Making it easier to interact with users and receive feedback

Contact BLUE at if you are interested in publishing your resources and disseminating via BLUE! We are happy to promote your biodiversity education resources.

Are you interested in implementing a biodiversity data module in your course? Would you like to work with a supportive community of collections-based researchers and other educators to help you modify, polish, and implement it in your course? Consider joining the BLUE Faculty Mentoring Network in Fall 2019. Learn more or register to receive updates about the application process. Registration will open early summer.

Biodiversity Literacy in Undergraduate Education (BLUE) is a Research Coordination Network in Undergraduate Biology Education (RCN-UBE) that seeks to build partnerships among biodiversity and education researchers to identify strategies, centralize resources, and develop educational materials.


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  2. natural history
  3. Open Educational Resources (OER)

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