Spring 2021 FMN Announcement: Bring Bioinformatics to Your Biology Classroom

Bring Bioinformatics to Your Biology Classroom 

Using bioinformatics strategies to solve biology problems in introductory courses

If you are a biologist, you and your students need bioinformatics!  We can help you get what you need with relatively little pain. This faculty mentoring network (FMN) is for those interested in adopting inquiry-based bioinformatics education modules that provide introductory biology students with some core bioinformatics concepts and competencies. Apply now to join us for the Spring 2021 NIBLSE FMN. 

As a participant in this FMN you will focus on how to integrate bioinformatics modules in introductory undergraduate biology courses. You will customize and implement newly designed educational modules exploring sequence similarity as a window to understanding a wide range of biological questions. While doing this, you will participate in biweekly virtual sessions to collaborate with and support others in the network and receive mentoring. 

Applications are due November 20, 2020.  Please visit for additional information and instructions on how to apply.

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