In this Newsletter we focus on the rapid, nationwide transition to online education, highlighting resources for now, and next steps for collaborations within the new normal.

Teaching Quantitative Biology Online Group Launch: An invitation to share resources and communicate with others.

Empowering 21st Century Learners through Biodiversity Knowledge: Resources for Online Learning (Webinar)

Moving a Project to a Collaborative Space? How can QUBESHub help? Use this short survey to communicate your needs for planning. 

Teaching Quantitative Biology Online Group Launch

teaching quantitative biology online

Resources for Teaching Quantitative Biology Online is a collection of open education resources (OERs) that are designed to teach quantitative skills in a variety of biological contexts and will work well in an online setting with minimal adaptation.  

This webpage is a rapid response to the need for our community of educators to move learning online quickly. QUBES partners and individuals can share and highlight modules, as well as indicating adaptations made to existing OERs. Join the group to contribute your own ideas! We expect this resource to grow quickly, so check back often.

Coming Soon: Short explainer videos from OER creators on intended audience and best use of resources so that you can quickly find meaningful content for your virtual classroom.

Empowering 21st Century Learners through Biodiversity Knowledge: Resources for Online Learning

american institute of biological sciences logo

March 24, 2020, 1:30 PM Eastern (this program will be recorded)
Online, Free and Open to the Public
Dr. Anna Monfils, Professor of Biology, Central Michigan University

The NSF-funded Biodiversity Literacy in Undergraduate Education Network (BLUE) has focused efforts on developing and disseminating exemplar educational materials, defining core biodiversity data literacy skills and competencies, and extending the network to engage with communities of scientists advancing similar initiatives. 

This presentation will showcase new resources and a course based undergraduate research exercise that provides opportunities for students to directly engage with digital data resources, facilitate data discovery and exploration, and create inclusive and culturally relevant research experiences. Follow the webinar here. Presented by AIBS.

Moving a Project to a Collaborative Space? How can QUBESHub help?

Use this 6-question survey to communicate your needs for planning. The QUBESHub Team will respond, helping to support you to take your conference or project online.

Members of the QUBES team are participating in some re-imagined conferences that will be happening through the QUBESHub.  Members of the QUBES team are always looking to meet others who have a passion for quantitative biology education. Reach out so we can help you gather your collaborators, move projects forward, and continue to move quantitative biology forward. Connect with us by submitting a support ticket

profile pictures of the QUBES principal investigators

From left to right: Sam Donovan (Director of OER), Carrie Diaz Eaton (Director of QUBES Consortium), Kristin Jenkins (Director of BioQUEST), Drew LaMar (Director of Cyberinfrastructure), and Jeremy Wojdak (Director of Professional Development).

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Math modeling simulator for COVID19

screenshot of the ISEE covid19 simulator

Want to help your students gain a better understanding of COVID-19 & math modeling? 

This accessible module is targeted at 1xx level math modeling classes, guiding students through exploring the COVID-19 Simulator developed by ISEE. Students dig into the four scenarios provided (including the parameters and the graphs), construct their own scenarios, and interpret their results.

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