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February 2018

Welcome to the QUBES Support Community for Partner Projects!

We hope to use this monthly newsletter to tell you about group activities and events that are designed to support your Partner Project, keep you updated on what is going on with some of our Partner Projects, and share helpful tips and tricks for setting up your group and building your community. 

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Introducing our first series:  Give your group a checkup!

Whether you set your group up yesterday or a long time ago, the start of the new year is a good time to give your group a checkup.  Join us over the next few weeks in a series of short and easy activities that will help you to reflect on your project’s goals, think about who your community is, and revisit some fundamental group settings to ensure that they are helping your group thrive and giving your group the customization and flexibility that you need.  

What is you project’s “personality”?
The first topic in this three-part series is your group’s join policy, page settings, and community tools.  Are you group’s settings, and community tools serving your project’s needs?  Take this short quiz to reflect on you project’s goals, priorities, and current state.  Based on your answers, we’ll reveal you project’s “personality type” and offer some suggestions for managing your group settings such as you group’s join policy, privacy settings, and use of community tools.  You can also browse information for all of the different project "personality types" and tell us what "personality" you got in the group forum. 

Coming up in this series…
In the next few weeks of the “Give your group a checkup!” series, we’ll explore ways that you can customize your group’s project site to meet your project’s needs, including ensuring your project site has the most updated format and telling you how to get a customized URL for your group site. 


What are our Partner Projects up to?

We are excited to share with you updates from Dr. Margaret Franzen, a PI for the BioMolViz project and Dr. Carlos Goller and Dr. Sabrina Robertson, the Co-PIs for the High-throughput Discovery Science & Inquiry-based Case Studies for Today’s Students (HITS) project.

BioMolViz is conducting a series of biomolecular visualization workshops this spring.  
Students often struggle with biomolecular visualization.  BioMolViz is a collaboration among biochemistry and molecular biology educators to develop learning objectives, assessment tools, and activities to teach biomolecular visualization.  We are conducting a series of NSF-funded one-day workshops for faculty and post-docs to develop competencies and assessment tools for molecular biology visualization literacy:

    Feb. 24 - Washington University in St. Louis (St. Louis, MO)
    Mar. 10 - Morgan State University (Baltimore, MD)
    Apr. 20 - University of San Diego (San Diego, CA)

Learn more about our workshops and submit your application here.

- Dr. Margaret Franzen (Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee, WI) 

HITS prepares for summer workshop focusing on developing case studies to engage students in analyzing authentic ‘big’ data.  
HITS is an NSF RCN-UBE that seeks to improve student quantitative skills and participation in high-throughput discovery. We are preparing for our first summer workshop, which will be held on June 11-13th, 2018 at North Carolina State University. Participants will learn about the newest high-throughput (HT) approaches and the use of case studies to engage students in analyzing authentic large datasets to improve their quantitative skills. Please visit our HITS group site on QUBES Hub to learn more about our project and our summer workshop. Check back later to see the case studies and curricular activities that we will be developing and sharing with you! 

HITS is accepting applications for High-throughput (HT) Researchers. Graduate students and postdocs using HT approaches that are interested in creating educational case studies are encouraged to apply. The goal is to train today’s students in high-throughput techniques that are current using real data sets. HITS HT Researchers will receive a stipend for their commitment to work with HITS Case Fellows (postdocs and instructors teaching courses) to develop HT case studies. Case Fellows and HT Researchers will work in interdisciplinary teams over the course of the workshop and later virtually using QUBES during the academic year. Apply here to become a HITS Researcher!

-  Dr. Carlos Goller (North Carolina State University Biotechnology Program, Raleigh, NC) 
-  Dr. Sabrina Robertson (North Carolina State University Biotechnology Program, Raleigh, NC)    


Quick Tip

To ensure new group members are able to keep up with all of the things going on with your project, double check that you have checked “Auto subscribe new group users to discussion email” under your group email settings.  With this option checked, new group members will automatically receive notifications about group activity in their inbox, such as when a new announcement is posted or there is a new post in the group forum.  Users can always modify their email settings later if they would like fewer notifications.

To check this setting, go to your project’s group site on QUBESHub, click on “Group Manager”, then “Settings”, and scroll down to “Group Email Settings.”  Only group managers can do this and, of course, you must be logged into your QUBES account.

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Student Research Funding Opportunity

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Application Deadline: Feb. 15, 2018
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ASM Research Capstone Fellowship
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Application Deadline: March 1, 2018
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Upcoming Workshops and Webinars

Teaching Sustainability in an Interdisciplinary First-Year Seminar
Friday, February 9, 2018
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Registration Deadline: February 7, 2018
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Does your project have news to share?

You can you can share an update here and reach out to the broader QUBES community with a feature in the monthly QUBES newsletter and guest blogging opportunities.  

Contact Elia Crisucci (emc22@pitt.edu) to learn more about how we can help you spread the word!
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