Upcoming Faculty Mentoring Network

Math Attitudes and Anxiety in Undergraduate Biology Students

Fall 2016

Apply by July 15th, 2016

Quantitative Undergraduate Biology Education Synthesis (QUBES) is pleased to offer a unique networking and professional development opportunity from September- December 2016 for faculty interested in alleviating math anxiety in undergraduate biology students.

Quantitative skills are essential for student success in biology, and math attitude and anxiety can have strong effects on both persistence and performance. This mentoring network will familiarize faculty with background on the factors contributing to math anxiety in biology students, and help participants explore a range of tools to address math attitudes and anxiety in their biology courses. QUBES is an NSF-funded virtual center that supports collaboration to promote quantitative biology education at the undergraduate level.

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What is Your Mentoring Style?

Carrie Eaton is an associate professor of mathematics at Unity College in Unity, Maine. Eaton teaches interdisciplinary mathematics and mathematics pedagogy to undergraduate students. Along with her teaching load, she developed a professional development program at the University of Tennessee to improve teaching practices in undergraduate classrooms. This article is in a question and answer format.

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Math for Everyone?

Do we need higher math in everyday life? Learn more about a recent book that argues basic quantitative skills are sufficient. The blog includes a few links to discussions on the book itself. 

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Meeting Report: Math, Biology, and Big Data

This blog post is a summary of what occurred at the North Eastern Sectional Mathematics Association of America (MAA) conference. The conference was held at the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine on June 3-4th. The sectional meets biannually in the spring and fall.  Even the president of MAA, Francis E. Su, made an appearance.

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Partner Conference

MAA MathFest
MAA MathFest

MAA MathFest will be have their opening reception on Wednesday, August 3rd, from 6 to 8 pm in Colombus, Ohio. There will be a math wrangle and two estimathon contests to compete in, as well as many other programs to promote stimulating talks filled with new information.

ESA Annual Meeting
ESA Annual Meeting 2016

Novel Ecosystems in the Anthropocene will be the main topic of this annual conference. The annual workshop Resources for Ecology Education Fair and Share (REEFS) will be held at this ESA conference as well.

CliMathNet Conference 2016
CliMathNet Conference 2016

The themes of the conference will aim to provide a forum for mathematics and statistics applied to weather and climate science. They will talk about blending models with data, show the theoretical framework used to interpret current and future observations.

Partner Meeting

This conference will take place on August 24-26th, 2016. Early registration ends on June 26th. The meeting will cover modeling application in marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems.

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