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Making toast: Using analogies to explore concepts in bioinformatics

Author(s): Kate L. Hertweck

University of Texas at Tyler

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From the introduction:

Contemporary biology is moving towards heavy reliance on computational methods to manage, find patterns, and derive meaning from large-scale data, such as genomic sequences. Biology teachers are increasingly compelled to prepare students with skills to meet these challenges. However, introducing biology students to more abstract concepts associated with computational thinking remains a major challenge. Analogies have long been used in science classrooms to help students comprehend complex concepts by relating them to familiar processes. Here I present a multi-step procedure for introducing students to large-scale data analysis (bioinformatics workflows) by asking them to describe a common daily task: making toast. 


Hertweck, K.L. Making Toast: Using analogies to explore concepts in bioinformatics. CourseSource.

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