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Answer Checking - Teaching Notes

Author(s): Jayme Dyer

Durham Technical Community College

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I used this resource as-is. Included are my teaching notes. / This activity provides students with a set of strategies they can use to check their own answers. Students practice the answer checking strategies on a series of simple examples.

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Version 1.0 - published on 28 May 2019 doi:10.25334/Q45T7T - cite this

Adapted from: Answer Checking v 1.0


I used this resource as-is. Included are my teaching notes.

Note: the teaching notes (Word doc) covers both an overview of how I implemented several BIOMAAP resources in my course, as well as how I implemented this particular resource.

Here are my notes for Answer Checking:

I used the handout and powerpoint as-is.

The powerpoint took about 10 minutes to go through in class. Then I had the students read the handout and practice the problems on the handout.

This was a useful activity, but I wish I had introduced it earlier in the semester (when we were doing more calculations in lab) and I wish I had the students practice checking their answers more during in-class activities.

I did include questions on the exam such as “Why is your answer to the previous question right?” and many students provided their reasoning, which I think was helpful to force them to do on the exam (though I have no concrete data that it was actually helpful).

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