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Professional development in quantitative biology and its relationship to promoting scholarly teaching

By Gabriela Hamerlinck1, Kevin Kidder2, Sondra Marie LoRe2, Alison N Hale3, Pam Bishop2, Kristin Jenkins1, Sam S Donovan4

1. BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium 2. NISER, University of Tennessee 3. Carnegie Museum of Natural History 4. University of Pittsburgh

Poster presented at Ecological Society of America Annual Conference 2017.

Listed in Teaching Materials

Version 1.0 - published on 24 Aug 2017 doi:10.25334/Q4T95S - cite this

Licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International according to these terms


QUBES has developed a long-term, low-intensity professional development (PD) model called Faculty Mentoring Networks (FMNs). A goal of the FMNs is to increase the level of teaching scholarship among the community. We use the sharing of educational materials as an indicator of teaching scholarship.
We address the following with this research:

  • How does participation in the QUBES FMN PD model affect attitudes and practices of sharing of curricular materials. 
  • Does participation in a QUBES FMN alter the barriers and/or incentives related to the sharing of curriculum materials online. 

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