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5Qs: An Activity to Support Students Develop Skills to Interpret Research Observations

Author(s): Stephanie Conant1, Tom D'Elia2, Arturo Diaz3, Denise Monti4, Richard Pollenz5, Vassie Ware6, Kathy Takayama7, Viknesh Sivanathan7

1. University of Detroit Mercy 2. Indian River State College 3. La Sierra University 4. University of Alabama at Birmingham 5. University of South Florida 6. Lehigh University 7. Howard Hughes Medical Institute

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5Qs (five questions) is a simple pedagogy tool research mentors can use to help students think through their observations systematically, to draw supported conclusions, and to decide on next steps, all of which can be done independently by students.


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    Matthew Fisher @ on

    In the file, there is a bullet point on page 1 with some typos, it reads, "At a minimum, students should thoroughly thought through the each of the 5Qs and be able to verbalize a complete response to each question". 

    I suggest changing to, "At a minimum, students should thoroughly think through each of the 5Qs and be able to verbalize a complete response to each question."

    Thanks for sharing this resource. 

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