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Writing Microbiology Resource Announcements Collaboratively

Author(s): Arturo Diaz1, Julia Lee-Soety2, Shima Chaudhary3, Richard Pollenz4

1. La Sierra University 2. Saint Joseph’s University 3. South Texas College 4. University of South Florida

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After annotating their phage genomes, students will work collaboratively to write a Microbiology Resource Announcement describing the phage(s) they discovered. 

Learning objectives: 
After completing this module, students should be able to:

  • Write drafts of a Microbiology Resource Announcement describing annotated phage genomes
  • Collaborate with their peers to write a final draft of the Microbiology Resource Announcement
  • Understand that scientific writing is an ongoing process, from peer review to final publication
  • Be proficient in locating suitable resources and using appropriate citations for the publication

How is the module structured to promote student development as a scientist?  One of the most important aspects of being a scientist is becoming a good writer in order to communicate the results of projects. Quality writing exemplifies the basic skills expected of a trained scientist: organization, attention to detail, and critical analysis. After having annotated their phage genomes, students will initially write a draft of a Microbiology Resource Announcement before working collaboratively as a class to write the final draft. This module will promote peer collaboration, encourage engagement and independence, model scientific thinking, and result in scientific output.

Intended Teaching Setting

Course level:  majors, first-year students, upperclassmen, honors students
Instructional Setting: in-person classroom or online
Implementation Time Frame:  4-6 hours from writing preliminary draft to final draft ready for submission

Project Documents

Facilitator document:
    Writing Microbiology Resource Announcement Process Details
Learning activity document(s): 
    Microbiology Resource Announcement Template,
    Guidelines to writing a Microbiology Resource Announcement,
    Reference List for Software/Programs Commonly Used in the SEA-PHAGES Program
Assessment document(s):
    Microbiology Resource Announcement assessment rubric

Acknowledgments:  HHMI, Denise Monti


Version 1.1 updates the change from using Genome Announcement to Microbiology Resource Announcement. The Guide also provides clarity on the process to work with University of Pitt to assure that Genbank Accession numbers and SRA information is submitted.

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