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  • docxAnswer Key for Instructors-Phylogenetic tree module-7129.docx7 MB
  • pdfExercise 1- Introduction to Phylogenetic Trees-7130.pdf87 KB
  • pdfExercise 1-Phylogenetic tree worksheet-7131.pdf22 KB
  • pdfExercise 2- Introduction to Phylogenetic Trees-7132.pdf351 KB
  • pdfExercise 2-Phylogenetic tree worksheet-7133.pdf23 KB
  • pdfExercise 3- Introduction to Phylogenetic Trees-7134.pdf197 KB
  • pdfExercise 3-Phylogenetic tree worksheet-7135.pdf22 KB
  • pdfExercise 4- Introduction to Phylogenetic Trees-7136.pdf105 KB
  • pdfExercise 4-Phylogenetic tree worksheet-7137.pdf25 KB
  • rtfMajor capsid fasta sequence file-7138.rtf10 KB
  • pdfOverview- Introduction to Phylogenetic Trees-7139.pdf63 KB
  • docxTeaching notes for phylogenetic tree module-7140.docx15 KB
  • jpggallery/Phylogenetic tree image-7143.jpg83 KB
  • txtLICENSE.txt
  • txthubREADME.txt