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Social Justice Working Group - Scientist Spotlights

Author(s): Pat Marsteller1, Sarah Prescott2, Justin Michael Bradshaw3, Kristen Butela4, Pratima Jindal5, Rachel Pigg6, Merrie Renee Richardson7, Sheela Vemu8, Suann Yang9

1. Emory University 2. University of New Hampshire 3. Johnston Community College 4. University of Pittsburgh 5. Waubonsee Community College 6. University of Louisville 7. Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College 8. Waubonsee Community College - Tenure Track and Northern Illinois University 9. Presbyterian College

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This is a reporting out of the work done by participants in the Social Justice Working group that formed as part of the BIOME 2020 Institute, which is focused on the creation and use of scientist spotlights in the classroom.

Licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International according to these terms

Version 2.0 - published on 01 Dec 2020 doi:10.25334/BGDE-6V78 - cite this