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SCORE/Hewlett Mini grant celebration - Feb 2, 2021 - YouTube

By Carrie Diaz Eaton1, Michelle Smith2, Amee Evans Godwin3, Cynthia Jimes3, Erin Vinson4, Brian Winkel5, Ben Galluzzo6

1. Bates College and QUBES 2. Cornell University 3. ISKME 4. University of Maine 5. SIMIODE - Systemic Initiative for Modeling Investigations and Opportunities with Differential Equations 6. Clarkson University

This is a recording of the presentations of results and lesson learned and panel discussion by recipients of the SCORE Network Collaborative Pilot Projects Program - Feb 2, 2021.

Listed in Teaching Materials | resource by group Sustainability Challenges for Open Resources to promote an Equitable Undergraduate Biology Education (SCORE-UBE)

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Version 1.0 - published on 25 Mar 2021 doi:10.25334/4N6H-1T50 - cite this

Licensed under CC Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International according to these terms


The Collaborative Pilot Projects program provided funding to members of the SCORE network to enable projects whose outcomes hold potential benefit to the wider SCORE Network and foster the development of sustainable solutions to issues pertinent to the Network, including, but not limited to: 1) balancing a commitment to freely available education resources and professional development with the demands to stay relevant, 2) closing the OER lifecycle, 3) bridging disciplinary conversations with institutional conversations, and 4) ensuring financial sustainability.

A presentation and celebration of these projects, their results, and lessons learned, which we hope will help promote and guide further collaboration among SCORE Network members, was held on February 2, 2021.  This is a recording of the presentations and panel discussion.  


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Sustainability Challenges for Open Resources to promote an Equitable Undergraduate Biology Education (SCORE-UBE)

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