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  • pdfMedical-Scientific_Racism_HeLA_Part3_Haswell-9055.pdf672 KB
  • docxOverview_Part I_HeLa Project_Haswell-9056.docx19 KB
  • pdfRubric for Part3_HeLa_Haswell-9057.pdf738 KB
  • docxTaking Least of You Blog_HeLa_Part2_Haswell-9058.docx17 KB
  • pdfTaking the Least of You_article_HeLa_Part2-9059.pdf723 KB
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  • html The_Immortal_Life_of_Henrietta_Lacks_Johns_Hopkins_Medicine-9048.html
  • html _Henrietta_Lacks_A_Donor_s_Immortal_Legacy_NPR-9049.html
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