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River and Tree health of the Truckee River Basin with Noelle Patterson

Author(s): Noelle Patterson

University of California, Davis

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Today we are highlighting our talk with Ph.D. student Noelle Patterson discussing watersheds, the history of the Truckee River Basin, and the health of Cottonwoods in the region.

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Noelle Patterson is a Ph.D. student at the University of California, Davis, studying hydrology with a focus on rivers and streamflow. For the last year, Noelle has lived in Reno, NV, close to her study sites on the Truckee River. Noelle has a particular interest in how streamflow interacts with ecological systems, and how human management of rivers can change these systems. 

Her talk is broken up into three core sections:

  1. What is a watershed?
  2. Brief history of the Truckee River Basin
  3. Cottonwoods of the Lower Truckee River.

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