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Investigating the footprint of climate change on phenology and ecological interactions in north-central North America

Author(s): Todd Levine1, Kellen Calinger2

1. Carroll University 2. Ohio State University

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Have long-term temperatures changed throughout Ohio? How will these temperature changes impact plant and animal phenology, ecological interactions, and, as a result, species diversity?

This teaching material allows students to:

  • produce and analyze graphs of temperature change using large, long-term data sets (synthesis, Analysis)
  • Develop methods for calculating species-specific shifts in flowering time with temperature change (Synthesis)
  • Describe the ecological consequences of shifting plant and animal phenology (Comprehension)
  • Evaluate data "cherry-picking" as a climate change skeptical tactic (Evaluation)

There is open-ended inquiry, guided inquiry, cooperative learning, critical thinking.

This adaptation modifies the original to help students keep track of their analyses.

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