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Discrete Math Modeling with Biological Applications (Course Materials)

Author(s): Erin N. Bodine

Rhodes College

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The original version of the course included agent-based modeling (see Version 1 for those materials). The current version of the course does not include agent-based modeling (I now have a separate course for that). The reference readings have been updated, and the labs now contain discussion questions. At Rhodes College, peer-tutors lead 90-minute labs of 5-6 students each week. There are usually 2-3 lab sections. During the labs, the students participate in a discussion guided by the tutor using the discussion questions, and then the students work on completing the check point exercises. Each lab is designed to take 2-3 weeks. The check point exercise involves completing part of the lab assignment prior to the end of lab and reviewed by the lab tutors. The remainder of the lab assignment is completed outside of lab and class time. The last 20 minutes of lab are reserved for weekly quizzes which cover lecture and lab material. Quizzes are available upon request (bodinee @ rhodes . edu).


Trying to figure out how to upload a new version. This test has only the first lab in it. If it works, I will upload in remaining labs soon.

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