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By Nicholas G. Reich1, Andrea S. Foulkes1, Harrel Blatt1, Eric A. Cohen1, Gregory Matthews1

University of Massachusetts

statsTeachR is an open-access, online repository of modular lesson plans, a.k.a. "modules", for teaching statistics using R at the undergraduate and graduate level.

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Version 1.0 - published on 11 Sep 2018 doi:10.25334/Q4GM7J - cite this

Licensed under these terms



Each module focuses on teaching a specific statistical concept. The modules range from introductory lessons in statistics and statistical computing to more advanced topics in statistics and biostatistics. We are developing plans to create a peer-review process for some of the modules submitted to statsTeachR.

The statsTeachR collaboration was founded in 2013 by faculty in the University of Massachusetts-Amherst Graduate Program in Biostatistics.

Contributors to statsTeachR

  • Nicholas G Reich, co-founder & contributor
  • Andrea S Foulkes, co-founder & contributor
  • Harrel Blatt, founding contributor
  • Eric A Cohen, founding contributor
  • Gregory Matthews, founding contributor

statsTeachR Partners

  • Foundation for Open Access Statistics (FOAS)
  • Project MOSAIC
  • OpenIntro


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