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BIO 263 Ecological Data Analysis

By Rachel Schwartz1, Linda Forrester1

University of Rhode Island

Course materials for BIO 263 Ecological Data Analysis

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Version 1.0 - published on 29 Oct 2018 doi:10.25334/Q4SX49 - cite this

Licensed under these terms


Please see the Schwartz lab for more information, projects, and materials.

This course is intended to help you learn how to analyze ecological data. In the process you will gain general quantitative skills, reinforce the concepts your are learning / have learned in BIO 262 (Ecology), and learn how to integrate concepts to answer biological questions. These skills are broadly applicable to various careers requiring critical thinking, and are directly applicable to pursuing a career in research or applied ecology. This course will consist of limited lecture time and extensive hands-on time. It is expected that prior to this course you have taken BIO 104 with labs using R for data analysis. Alternatively, discuss substitute prerequisites with the instructor.


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