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Questions For Biology: Concept Inventories for Biological Concepts

Author(s): Gülnur Birol1, Greg Bole1, Sunita Chowrira1, Bridgette Clarkston1, Thomas Deane1, Malin Hansen1, Erica Jeffery1, Pam Kalas1, Kathy Nomme1, Rosemary Oh-McGinnis1, Angie O’Neill1, Carol Pollock1, Joan Sharp1, Karen Smith1, Michelle Tseng1

University of British Columbia

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The Questions For Biology (Q4B) team aims to create validated concept inventories for use in diagnosing student misconceptions, informing teaching practices and tracking learning gains across a host of Biology classes at UBC.


The Q4B team is based at the University of British Columbia, where its 15 collaborators design and validate concept inventories to assess areas of student misconception in Biology courses. This website has been designed to showcase the goals of the project, introduce its contributors, and list the specific concept inventories that have been - or are being - developed. It is a goal of the Q4B project to make these concept inventories available for use by instructors at other institutions across Canada, the U.S. and beyond. We hope you will find this website both interesting and informative, and will endeavor to reply to any questions or feedback with haste. Should you wish to inquire about using one of our concept inventories, please follow the appropriate links on the 'People' page to contact one of the contributors to that specific inventory. This project is financially supported by UBC’s Teaching and Learning Enhancements Funds, and through in-kind contributions from both the Science Centre for Learning and Teaching and the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative.    

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