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Exploration of the Human Genome by Investigation of Personalized SNPs

Author(s): Lani C. Keller

Quinnipiac University

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To increase students' interest in their own genomes, this computer-based laboratory lesson is designed to be coupled with the opportunity for the students to be genotyped by the consumer sequencing company, 23andMe. Published in CourseSource


This lesson employs multiple open-access websites through which students explore a health-related single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in which they are most interested. Through a series of guided activities, students investigate the genomic region in which their SNP lies, investigate if there are any genome-wide association studies about this SNP, and then determine what model organism would be the best to use if they were to conduct future research about the gene in which the SNP lies. This module could be adapted as a supplement for a variety of Biology lecture or laboratory courses including but not limited to genetics and molecular biology.

CourseSource Citation:

Keller, L.C. 2015. Exploring the Human Genome by Investigation of Personalized SNPs. CourseSource.

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